The combustion flaw

Gasoline, kerosene, diesel and heavy fuel oil are defined as complicated hydrocarbons, (insulators or flowable plastics). These have one problem in common, contamination by air and steam. This causes a loss in energy density.

Common problems: Fuel attaches to the metal surface, carbon deposits acting like little sponges, absorbing and de-sorbing fuel during combustion, fuel does not burn for power.

Optimised combustion with Oxynox

Because of its properties, Oxynox releases air from the fuel. As these microscopic bubbles can escape, the result is a purer, more energy-dense liquid fuel for use in the engine.

Oxynox is undetectable in diesel fuel. ASTM D975 and EN590 tests show zero change in fuel specs​ Oxynox is registered with USEPA, VERITAS, INTERTEK and considered a pure fuel. We are constantly re-examining what roles our modern fuels play in the combustion cycle, and how we can liberate more energie from those fuels.

Oxynox several benefits and profits; improves performance, improves fuel economy, reduces engine noise, reduces CO2 emissions, benefits engine longevity.



At Oxynox, we are re-examining what roles our modern fuels play in the combustion cycle, and how we can liberate more energy from those fuels. Oxynox drastically reduces consumption, emissions and improves performance. A focus on R&D and innovation, combined with the recognized high quality of our product, means that whatever your industry or application, Oxynox keeps your business moving forward.

What our clients say

Our test results are backed by client testimonials

The consumption per filling where recorded, and start/stop hours measured against similar hours previously run on the untreated fuel. There was a huge saving of 38% This is a good initiative and i would urge we go ahead and administer the additive to save in high fuel cost for our generator.


This testimonial is to certify that the company derived a lot of benefit from the usage of oxytane fluid additive product. The maintenance team used the product for a period of 30 days and observed that the company saved a minimum of 20% twenty percent of diesel cost during the trial period.

A&C Shopping Mall

A total of seven data points used for the analytics is relatively small and consequently being used to provide directional information only. A lower fuel consumption was remarkably experienced by the operator from the rates of the manual tank filling. We got a consistent level of 32,9% saving from our projection.

RPS Engine Services

We performed a couple of test runs, each over a minimum 5 hours period using Oxynox in accordance with instructions on the product We observed savings of 30 40% on fuel consumption when the product was used. The generator, a 17KVA Perkins generator was run on full load during the exercise We hereby attest the efficiency of this product with regard to fuel savings in generator and recommend it to all parties.


The usage of Oxynox to our fuel for longer periods have yielded savings high above the 20%. These tests are made from a 17.65 hours run. This is huge confirmation of the supposed savings as per Oxynox document. Based on the above and extensive analysis and results. I highly recommend the use of Oxynox for al Genset Sites. Looking forward to optimise al our actief Gensets.


The African Regent lintel has two 500kva generator sets as buck-up power supply. We recently used oxytane fluid additive in our diesel generator over a period of 60 days and the result is amazing. Our fuel consumption has reduced significantly to above 20%. We have resorted to intensify oxytane usage and hope to further reduce our fuel consumption and improve engine performance. I recommend oxynox to all heavy duty gen-sets users.

Regent Hotel

Leading the change for cleaner air

Oxynox is a fully-certified fuel treatment that reduces carbon emissions and increases fuel efficiency, improving the ESG outcomes of any operation.

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